Greek research team enters partnership with French manufacturer

Constantinos Dimopoulos' research team received integrated technology transfer services and used the Network's online database successfully to reach an agreement with a French company.
In March 2021, the research team of Konstantinos Dimopoulos at the University of Athens addressed the Innovation and Networking Unit of the National Documentation Centre (EKT), a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network in Greece. 
After extensive research on the chemical mechanisms activated by the Mediterranean diet, K. Dimopoulos and his team had reached the desired result: an innovative food supplement with strong anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic action.  
After targeted meetings with EKT's innovation consultant George Megas, the specific needs of the team were clarified and the possibility of manufacturing the product through a commercial agreement with an industrial company became apparent.  
This is exactly what the Enterprise Europe Network could help with.  
At the same time, the need for costing the idea / patent was highlighted and the work was undertaken by a consultant of EIT Health specializing in the field of Biotechnology. 
Then, a client profile for commercial cooperation was compiled and posted on the Enterprise Europe Network's online platform.  
Four companies expressed interest and the exploratory talks began.  
In December 2021, after eight months of intensive efforts and close cooperation between EKT and the research team, an agreement was signed with a French company that will undertake the production of the product.  
EKT and Enterprise Europe Network Hellas technology transfer consultants are available to pave the way for every innovative research team.  

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