Advice & Support

The Network’s international business experts have the experience and resources to help your business grow.

Whatever your business, we can advise on the best market opportunities to help you expand internationally.



We guide companies in their transition to more sustainable business models

EU Single market

We help businesses navigate EU legislations, policies and benefit from the opportunities offered by the Single Market


We help SMEs tailor digital solutions to their business needs


We enhance businesses’ potential to innovate, grow and develop disruptive products

Business, Technology and R&D Partnering

We match companies with the right business partners and to promote new technologies globally


We empower SMEs by building up their business agility and resilience to future challenges


We support businesses to enter international markets and to seize new commercial opportunities

Access to finance

We help you identify sources of finance and ensure your business is investor ready

Access to EU funding programmes

We identify EU funding opportunities that suit your business' needs and help you apply