Ulysses podcast

A series of episodes on the entrepreneurial journey by Enterprise Europe Network Hellas.
Enterprise Europe Network Hellas presents its first podcast series entitled Ulysses.
What is the #UlyssesPodcast? It’s a series of episodes about the journey of resourcefulness and entrepreneurship with the help of Enterprise Europe Network.
Today we are launching another communication channel that invites you to discover the world of the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises with international ambitions.
In the first episode we welcome our colleague Spyros Kellidis, an executive of ANKO Western Macedonia SA, Enterprise Europe Network consultant and chairman of the Agri-Food Sector Group.
We got inspiration for this new project from Business Wave, the English-language podcast of the Enterprise Europe Network, while the available AI tools for content production made it even more easy for us.
Our colleagues in the Thematic Group of the Network's Communication are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity, as well as our clients around the world, who innovate and participate in our stories.
Listen to the podcast on YouTube (English captions available).
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