The Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas is a comprehensive business support network consisting of industry associations, research and technical institutes, chambers of commerce and industry, and renowned actors in the field of innovation and SMEs. Twelve organisations participate in the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas that are spread throughout the Greek territory and are active in innovation, technology transfer and international cooperation.

Coordinator: The National Documentation Center (ΕΚΤ) is the national institution for documentation, information and support on science, research and technology issues. It has been operating since 1980 at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) and is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. EKT/NHRF is the only organization in Greece that combines the institutional role of gathering/organizing/providing access to the research output of the country and business expertise, including mentoring services for SMEs/RTOs. The organization disposes advanced technological infrastructure and long-term experience in EU funding, Technology Transfer and Innovation Services (as Coordinator of IRC Hellenic, EEN-Hellas) and Measuring Research & Innovation Activities (by providing RDI indicators to Eurostat and publishing reports on R&D performance). It has a leading role in Open Access/Data/Innovation in the country and provides related IPR services. The organization collaborates closely with the national and regional authorities. In Horizon 2020, GSRT has appointed EKT/NHRF as NCP for 11 programmes: Access to Finance - Health, demographic change and wellbeing - European Research Council - Future and Emerging Technologies - Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions on skills, training and career development - European Research Infrastructures - Secure, clean and efficient energy – Euratom - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies - Science with and for Society.


The PRAXI Network provides innovation and technology transfer services to SMEs, research organizations and public institutions. It is a distinct administrative unit operating within the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), the most active research organization of Greece. It started out in 1991 as a partnership between FORTH and SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises with the mission to link industry with academia. This strategic alliance of the research and industrial world of Greece was reinforced four years later, when the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) joined the partnership. PRAXI Network’s mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of Greek enterprises and promote their partnership with research organizations, to support innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage international cooperation.

The Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries (ACSMI) has been operating since 1940 and is the largest of the three Chambers of this type in Greece. ACSMI is a legal entity under public law and is supervised by the Ministry of Development. It represents small and very small companies with up to 50 employees, family businesses, self-employed persons and craft professionals. A government advisor and small firm supporter, ACSMI provides the small business community of Attica with information, advice and internationalisation services, as well as telenet services and business innovation support (BIC-Attica). ASCMI represents small businesses’ opinions on insurance, tax, finance, town planning and other topics.  The ACSMI EEN unit is part of the International Relations department, whose main duty is informing the local business community on general international matters and developing and maintaining good relations between the Chamber and international organizations. The EEN unit works closely with all the other departments, monitoring and ensuring that the Chamber carries out its responsibilities as a member of the EEN Network.

The Association of Industries in Thessaly and in Central Greece (AITCG) is a bi-regional organization situated in Volos which, through its scientific departments including EEN, provides information, assistance and other entrepreneurial services to enterprises in Thessaly and Central Greece. More specifically: advice, support and information activities focusing on EU policies and their implementation, services to other SMEs’ support providers, synergies with national and regional organizations, extroversion activities and sector studies are implemented by the EEN department. The Association’s target group consists of enterprises of all sectors of activity (including services and tourism), Chambers of Commerce and Industry, professional and trade organizations, Local Authorities, technology brokers and development agencies, Universities and Technological Institutions, Research centres, public sector organizations and companies.

The Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia ANKO SA was established in 1985 by regional municipalities and other public and private stakeholders to promote economic development in the region. ANKO’s key productive services are structured in two pillars: 1) The planning of technical projects for the region’s municipalities; and 2) the implementation of national and EU projects with a special focus on entrepreneurship. In parallel, the agency is engaged in various national and European networks to provide added value to its services. An essential section of the Programmes’ Department is the “Business Support” section, of which the Enterprise Europe Network is considered as the heart, with a high visibility - both inside and outside the host organization. EEN has also developed a grid of strong synergies at local and national level to provide tailor-made services to SMEs with a European dimension.

The Chamber of Arcadia (CHA), located in Tripolis, the center of the Peloponnese Region, is a governmental advisor regarding entrepreneurship, promoting local and regional business interests and administering the General Commercial Registry of Arcadia. It also has a very close cooperation with the rest of the Region’s Chambers, thus achieving a regional range of activities, especially regarding EEN activities. Its key role is to provide a broad list of services to its members - a task that has become much easier and efficient using the tools and services of EEN, such as providing import/export information, exporter certification, information on foreign markets and trade fairs, providing information, assistance and advice on national and EU legislation and IPR issues, organizing conferences, info days, brokerage events and seminars, company missions and business meetings. EEN has made it possible for the Chamber of Arcadia to fulfil its role as a constant and trustworthy advisor of its business members and has become an important and distinct unit of the Chamber.

The Chamber of Ioannina (CCI) has been operating since 1919 in the Region of Epirus, which is comprised of the Prefectures of Arta, Thesprotia, Preveza and Ioannina. Target clients are all SMEs in the region. Its activities also cover the Region of the Ionian Islands and specifically the islands of Kerkyra and Lefkada, and the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania from the Region of Western Greece. The enterprises in these regions are either small or micro level firms, focusing mainly in the areas of food and drinks, dairy products, water bottling, poultry and stock-farming, fisheries, services, crafts, manufacturing, tourism, marble and agriculture (olive oil, fruit, vegetables, etc.).             

The Chamber of Kavala (CHK) is a public-law legal entity that was originally founded in 1918. It covers the Prefecture of Kavala and collaborates with other local Chambers and because of its long-standing experience as an EEN partner and, before that, as a Euro Info Centre (EIC) since 1989, its European services cover SMEs in the entire region of Eastern Makedonia and Thrace in Northern Greece, including the main cities of the region. The target group consists of small and medium-sized companies from the following industrial sectors: food & wine, furniture, clothing, marble extraction & processing, agriculture and fisheries as well as tourism. These companies are mainly in need of specialized support services helping them to become more competitive. Assistance in taking full advantage of EU support programmes and in providing access to the Internal Market (export promotion) are particularly needed.

The Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE) contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of the regions of Greece, promotes their industry, and supports the mechanisms for enhancing entrepreneurship and innovation. The Federation participates in various organizations and bodies of the European Union, the Balkans, Mediterranean, Black Sea region, and other countries, as well as in co-funded projects of the European Commission aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. It offers high quality services to its members and contributes to the development of their business activities in order to be more competitive, through the provision of timely and reliable information on changes in the domestic and international environment. The Federation’s activities include the systematic study and monitoring of the activity of industry, manufacturing and related business in Greece, by gathering statistical, scientific, informational and other data, as well as by conducting studies.

The Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) is among the largest chambers of commerce in Greece with more than 20,000 members from all sectors of the economy. It is a public law entity and was established in 1923. As a member of EEN, HCCI unit already provides services to enterprises, including: information about European funding programmes and initiatives, the creation of partnership proposals, the organization of events, info days and company missions, participation in fairs and brokerage events, information about European law and advice on intellectual property. Clients consider those services to be very important so HCCI operates a distinct EEN department with highly qualified staff.

The MIRTEC S.A. - Materials Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre is a technological Centre, active in Applied Research, Technological Development, Certification and Quality Control in a wide range of materials and products.  The company was founded by the merger of three renowned Greek technological centres with over 25 years of experience - MIRTEC S.A., CERECO S.Α. and CLOTEFI S.Α. - while the new unified MIRTEC incorporates the certification activities and the laboratories of the Greek Standardisation Organisation (ELOT S.A.). Its mission is to support industry through leading edge technology and transfer knowledge to its clients, thus improving their competitiveness and competence by adding value to their products. MIRTEC is strongly committed to the activities of EEN as demonstrated by its participation in the network since the start of EEN and, before that, in the IRC since 1996. The EEN office belongs to the R&D department within the MIRTEC’s organigram as it promotes technology transfer and industrial research opportunities. MIRTEC is the only Hellenic Certification Body with its own laboratories for testing and analysis of materials and products. The systematic collaboration and communication with highly-respected Technological Centres, Institutes, Universities and Industries give MIRTEC a strong competitive advantage. The company operates under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Development (General Secretariat for Industry) and is a company of public interest since its main shareholder is the public sector along with several major Greek companies.

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises SEV, an independent, non-profit association for employer and enterprises organisations sustained by membership fees and sponsorships only from members, has been serving all companies active in Greece since 1907. Based on the principles of the free market and competition, it represents a broad spectrum of the nation’s economic activity, having among its members sectoral, local and regional industrial and employer organisations. As the main, independent, employers’ organisation representing the collective vision of industry and the wider business community in Greece, SEV targets its activities for the continuous improvement of the economic and business environment as well as the development and growth of enterprises through international business collaboration. SEV serves as the institutional representative of Greek companies in the European Union and plays an important role in shaping decisions and policies at a European Union level through its participation in the Union of European Industrial and Employers’ Associations (UNICE).

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